Landscape Design

Landscape Design is an integral part of creating a landscape that looks to be part of a whole instead of disjointed parts.

A professionally designed landscape plan allows you to plan for the future taking into account all aspects of landscaping including: horticulture, floriculture, hydrology and drainage, landscape construction including retaining walls, pools and terraces.

A landscape plan will help you to visualize what your project will look like. It is a to-scale plan that includes your residence, any buildings such as garages, guest houses and terraces, driveways and pools. It documents existing plants and trees that are to remain on site. It also includes new plant material and hardscape additions you would like to incorporate into the master plan.

The plan may also include details of fencing, woodwork or other structures that are to be installed or built.

We don't provide master plan services directly on site. We couldn't possibly put in the required thought it takes to create a unique plan for you if we sketched it while you waited. Your project is reviewed and a plan developed from schematics to a final master plan. We want to make sure that our best ideas make it to your project. Landscape plans give us the ability to make sure that your expectations and our end product are the same. It allows everyone to "be on the same page." It is an invaluable part of the installation process for mid-level and large projects.